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A közösségi média tudatos használata
A modul megvizsgálja a közösségi média munkahelyi használatát, annak kockázatait, valamint azt, hogyan védheti meg magát és vállalatát a veszélyekkel szemben.
Can you spot the hazard?
Is your workplace safe? Do you know how to identify the hazards around you? Take 5 minutes to find out.
Code of Conduct
In this course, you’ll learn about the main areas of creating a Code of Conduct. It includes examples of dilemmas you could face, and guidance on how to make the right decisions.
Conflicts of Interest Global
This immersive course explains what conflicts of interest are how to determine what constitutes a conflict of interest and whether you need to report one to your organisation.
Do you know your safety signs?
Do you know your safety signs? Take 5 minutes to find out.
Health and Safety: Driving at Work
In this course, find out about what driving at work is, the law and legislation surrounding it and managers’ and employees’ responsibilities when planning and undertaking driving at work. You will also learn about the risks of driving at work and how these can be avoided.
Insider Trading
In this course you’ll follow Claire, as she struggles to decide if it’s legal to buy shares in her company. She will receive advice from family and friends, and you will be asked questions about what’s legal and what’s not.
JM - Code of Ethics Y2
Managers Toolbox Talk: Preparing for your journey
This Managers Toolbox Talk resource is about preparing for your vehicle before driving at work. It is designed as a multimedia facilitation resource for training a small group. Download the facilitation notes from the Resources.
Managing personal stress (Challenge)
In this course, you’ll look at what has happened to some people suffering from stress at work. This will help you to understand causes, symptoms and coping strategies. Then you’ll need to complete four levels, by answering questions relating to stressful situations.
Phishing awareness
Do you know what phishing is? Take 5 minutes to find out.
Preventing Extremism and radicalisation
Do you know what extremism and radicalisation is and how to prevent it? Take 5 minutes to find out.
Protecting Data
This course will help you to understand your role in protecting data within your organisation. For companies based in the EU and those that deal with the data of individuals based in the EU, GDPR sets out the mandatory requirements for data protection.
Take 5 - Fire – Can you handle it?
If you had to fight a fire, which type of extinguisher would you use? Put your knowledge to the test in this Take 5 challenge.
Take 5 - Gifts and Hospitality
When receiving gifts and hospitality do you know what’s acceptable and what could be seen as bribery?
Using Social Media Challenge
Using social media has many benefits, but do you know the risks of using social media and how to protect yourself and your organisation? Do you know how to use social media safely at home and for work? Are you ready to take this challenge?
Working with dual screens
Do you know how to set up dual screens and reduce the health risks of using them? Take 5 minutes to find out how.
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